We are excited to reveal a new look for ICBA, which reflects the changes that our Association has undergone during many years of assisting our customers while operating in different tough markets.
Since its inception in 1999, the ICBA has expanded its operation to a team of over 500 professionals across the world. We expanded in smaller as well as big emerging markets, like China and India, Brazil and Peru and with all the chapters written throughout almost 20 years of operating, it is time to illustrate our experience and unique attitude to future developments with a new, modern look.  (With the new appearance of ICBA, we want to stress opening a new chapter in our story.)
Our clients require innovative approaches and the visual identity as a part of their experience required a thoughtful change. This change is crucial for our brand. In order to be successful in a rapidly changing market, we must remain up-to-date, and this must be reflected in our brand.
We have spent many hours designing, discussing and choosing the elements, which would reflect where we stand today.
The new ICBA logo symbolizes the clarity, value and global aspect of our activities. The color palette is fresh, lively and welcoming, while expressing strength, and a focus on sustainability and growth. The new typeface gives a modern, clean look. Although the look will be different we remain focused and committed to continuing to provide innovative business solutions and continuing to provide outstanding customer service. We are all about allowing safe transactions and making business easier for our clients.

Commenting on the rebranding, ICBA Executive Chairman Emmanuel Portier says: ‘We have been planning the changes for some time and it overlaps with the constantly strong growth in our business. We have always tried to be innovative in our attitude as well as what we offer our clients, and this rebrand stresses the aspiration to provide excellent and modern service.
We want to prove to clients and partners that we take our own brand seriously and that we deserve to be trusted as a leading advisor among global broker companies.

The ICBA is appreciated for its exceptional customer engagement and excellent industry expertise. With this rebranding we look forward to strengthening our core values, which enable us to develop long-lasting and rewarding customer relationships.